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Image by Kholodnitskiy Maksim
Image by Werner Sevenster
Rural Village

Planning Policy 


As strategy specialists, Small Fish has significant and valuable experience in developing local planning policies.  We have developed policies for a number of Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans from Core Strategy policies to criteria based development management policies. We have developed a rigorous method for developing plansand policies that ensure that plans are in place to fully address local issues and challenges. This includes:

  • Evidence base production so that strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are understood and quantified, providing a firm and robust basis for your strategy

  • Sustainable strategy development for planning covering aims, objectives, performance indicators and targets

  • Policy development, with a focus on maximising value for money and supporting the wider policy agenda, such as the economy, health and climate change

  • Action plans for delivering strategies to ensure the strategy does not sit on a shelf collecting dust

  • Detailed area strategies and area action plans to provide more local detail.


Local Transport Plans


Small Fish has a wealth of experience in producing successful Local Transport Plans (LTP) having been involved in their production throughout the east of England since 2006. We can offer a range of transport planning services to meet your needs, all tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Local Plans


As strategy specialists, Small Fish have a wealth of experience in developing local planning policies. We have also developed a rigorous methodology for developing defensible locational policies, and also have significant experience in calculating and defending five year housing supply positions. 

Neighbourhood Plans


Small Fish has worked on nine Neighbourhood Plans in Norfolk in recent years, from preparing evidence bases, identifying local issues and options, to policy development and through to adoption.  We can provide bespoke and ad hoc services to complement existing community involvement or take the lead.




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