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Planning Applications & Appeals


Small Fish offers a clear understanding of our clients’ aspirations and constraints when it comes to planning developments. We offer a thorough knowledge of the planning process and its opportunities and as well as its pitfalls. The benefits of using Small Fish for development planning include:

  • Experience and detailed understanding of both sides of the planning process

  • An acute awareness of the intention and possible application of Local Plan policies from our work on Local Development Framework's

  • Specialist transport, environmental, minerals and waste planning services to support the development process

  • Commercial awareness

  • Development of long-term working relationships with both private and commercial clients


We specialise in taking on very challenging minerals, waste and residential development cases, and presenting them at both a strategic and detailed policy level to help council planners to overcome their reservations in granting approval.

Residential Planning

Small Fish specialises in obtaining planning permission for high quality small developments, including self-build projects, outside of the normal adopted development boundaries. As policy experts, we have an in-depth understanding of the application and interpretation of Local Plan policies and how they should be implemented. This puts us in a good position to take on challenging cases where the Local Planning Authority would normally refuse development.


Commercial Planning


Small Fish was instrumental in the production of the Norfolk Minerals and Waste Development Framework policies, which naturally led to the development of minerals and waste proposals. We have an excellent track record in getting excluded minerals and waste sites allocated within final site allocation plans, as well as obtaining planning permission for extremely challenging minerals  and waste developments.



Planning Appeals


We prepare robust Appeal Statements of Case which identify the context and need for a proposed development and present a thorough assessment of how the proposed development is, in fact, compliant with the policies used to refuse planning applications.


We can also prepare Costs Award applications to seek to recover the expenses incurred in preparing planning appeals. 

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