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Environmental Assessments


The benefits of using Small Fish for your environmental needs is the honest and independent advice you will be given, followed by a range of pragmatic solutions for improving the environmental performance of your plans, policies and/or planning applications. In particular, we can offer a range of services within these fields to meet your needs, such as:

  • Strategic Environmental Assessments/ Sustainability Appraisals on Neighbourhood Plans, Local Plans and Local Transport Plans

  • Environmental Statements and strategic environmental support on planning applications

  • Climate change strategies and policy – mitigation and adaptation for spatial and transport planning, tailored to local geography and circumstances

  • Carbon dioxide emissions baselining and reduction quantification models for managing performance on carbon dioxide emissions reductions targets

  • Air quality action planning for Air Quality Management Areas and Local Transport Plans

Environmental Impact Assessment
In addition to developing, managing and submitting planning applications, Small Fish also produce Environmental Statements for compliance with Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) regulations for development proposals.


Our Environmental Statements concisely summaries all technical assessments undertaken in support of development proposal and ensure that EIA regulations are rigorously met. 

Strategic Environmental Assessment/Sustainability Appraisal


Small Fish has a wealth of invaluable experience in producing Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) and Sustainability Appraisals (SA) on policies, plans and programmes. 


Small Fish has undertaken ten SEA/SA on Local Transport Plans (LTP), Neighbourhood Plans and Local Plans has developed a solid methodology for developing and assessing the social, environment and economic plan options effects of policies, plans and programmes.

Climate Change & Air Quality


We can provide a wide array of strategic climate change and air quality services. For example, we have produced a number of climate change mitigation and adaptation policies and strategies, as well in depth studies on carbon emissions and sources at the national, regional, and local authority level.


Our air quality work focuses predominantly on developing thorough and rigorous Air Quality Action Plans for tackling air pollution issues within Air Quality Management Areas.

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